Welcome to Secutils.dev, an open-source security oriented project for engineers and researchers. My name is Aleh Zasypkin , and as a software engineer with a passion for application security, I created this platform to help organize the code and shell snippets I had collected over the years.

Secutils.dev is designed to be a go-to place for the most common the tools you need as a security-minded engineer or researcher, with an easy-to-use and friendly interface. While originally intended for personal use, I soon realized that other developers in the same field might find this tool useful as well.


Secutils.dev is an open-source project , which means that the code is free and open source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) or any later version. This ensures transparency and accountability, as I am held responsible for the code that I develop and the platform's performance. Users are not locked down, and if they wish to modify the code, they are free to do so.


In addition to self-hosting, I also offer a hosted, fully managed, plug-and-play solution as a SaaS, which can be subscribed to for a reasonable fee. The revenue from subscriptions is used to pay for hosting and support further development, allowing me to commit to Secutils.dev and open source in general. Unlike many other services, I am not interested in raising funds or taking investment from individuals or institutions. I do not make money by selling or sharing your data, and I do not use any other hidden business model. Instead, I use a subscription-based model to keep the project going.

Marketing for Secutils.dev is based solely on content marketing. I publish posts that I think people may find interesting and useful, and share them on my social media channels and in different niche communities. I do not engage in any paid advertising or marketing campaigns on social media or search engines, and I do not pay anyone to recommend Secutils.dev to their audience. Instead, I rely on the support of the Secutils.dev community to spread the word about the tool.


I am committed to providing my users with the best possible experience and to maintaining my commitment to transparency and honesty. Thank you for choosing Secutils.dev, and I look forward to supporting your application security development needs.

Aleh Zasypkin