All-in-one security toolbox for engineers and researchers is an open-source, versatile, yet simple toolbox for handling the most common security aspects when developing, testing, or conducting reconnaissance of applications.

Programmable webhooks, arbitrary web content and resources tracking, development certificate templates, CSP, and more - all in one place.

Or self-host open-source

Quickly deploy and program webhooks

Set up webhooks with dedicated subdomains and arbitrary paths in seconds, leveraging the full capabilities of the next-generation Deno JavaScript runtime to explore and dynamically process HTTP requests on-the-fly. screenshot

Track changes in any part of a web application

Craft tailored scripts to extract precisely the data and resources you need from any web application and receive alerts for any detected changes. screenshot

Generate development certificates easily

Effortlessly generate development certificates and private keys by replacing a multitude of CLI snippets and custom shell scripts with the user-friendly guided UI. screenshot

Humanize web security configuration

Use the Content Security Policy (CSP) builder UI to construct and manage policies of any complexity, or import policies from other web applications for analysis with just a single click. screenshot